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Why is Shopify Good?

People who are thinking of building their own online stores should look no further than using Shopify. Shopify is the premier e-commerce platform that allows users (even the layman) to create their own online stores with relative ease. Plus, you can integrate your websites to your preferred hosting provider if you want as well.
In today’s article, I will go over the things that make Shopify a really good platform to use, especially if you are thinking of creating your own e-commerce store.

1. Really Good Themes

How your website looks can make or break your conversion rate. If your page looks dull, boring, and uninviting, you can expect that people will not want to do anything with you and would head for the exit shortly after arriving on your website.
Plus, a good-looking website can breed trust since you are spending time to make sure that it looks really great and inviting.
That being said, Shopify allows you to create a website by giving you the freedom to choose one of their amazing themes.
There are free ones that you can use right off the bat and there are also some premium themes that you can start using as well.

2. Allow You to Sell on Multiple Platforms

Aside from giving you the platform to sell your products online, Shopify also integrates with other popular platforms as well.
Whether you want to advertise and sell your products on Amazon, Facebook, or Pinterest, you can certainly do that using their amazing marketing platforms.

3. Their Infamous “Buy” Button

Whenever your customers want to buy something, just by clicking on the shiny “buy” button, the platform will do whatever it can to ensure that cart abandonment will never be an issue.

4. Supports Multiple Payment Gateways

Any e-commerce store that supports as many payment channels as possible will surely experience so much success than those who just support the most popular ones.
Shopify actually supports over 100 payment processors worldwide so that people will have the option of choosing their preferred payment method.

This means that aside from major credit cards, people can also use payment processors like Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, and so much more.

5. Outstanding Website Performance

If a website takes more than 5 seconds to load, you can bet that people will not only leave but they will never visit a website that takes too long to load as well.
You do not have to fear about that. Remember why I speak highly of Shopify? Well, one of the main reasons is that they have really good servers. Their themes and templates are developed really well which means that it will never be an issue in terms of website performance (plus, they all look good).

6. Integrate Your Existing Store

One of the unique features of Shopify is that you can actually integrate your existingbrick and mortar shop into your website by using their POS System. Not only can you cater to your local crowd, but you will also have the chance of serving your global customers as well.