Consider fresh flowers.

If you have any plants which are over 30 to 36 tall, and are around 2 to 3 feet back from the patio edges and walkway, these spaces can feel crowded and cramped. One of the most helpful garden design ideas you can ever learn? Keep roses and other thorny plans away from thigh-traffic areas. Just in case you want to plan roses on a pergola or arch over a walkway, go for fragrant, thornless ones.

Get to know other types of plants, not just flowers

While flowering plants are highly attractive, there are plenty of other plants that provide more than just blooms. Use foliage, bark and fruit for year-long texture, form and color. Are you having a hard time choosing the best plants for your garden, consult a Malaysia interior design company. Experienced professionals may be able to assist you in selecting plants with great ornamental assets, and can strengthen the seasonal appeal of your garden.

Always watch your steps.

Outdoor stairways and steps must ascend gently. If not, they will appear daunting. Those steps with a rise of around 6 inches are the most appealing and comfortable. The depth (the run) of every step plus 2 times the height (the rise) must equate to 26 inches. Keep in mind that a generous landing is always a necessity each time a stairway changes its direction.

Provide a wide berth.

See to it that your garden paths are wide enough for good, comfortable passage. No person enjoys squeezing through really narrow spaces, outdoors or indoors. Main thoroughfares must be wide enough for around 2 individuals to walk side by side.

Leave some headroom.

Headroom is needed under pergolas, arbors and archways. 7 feet is the minimum, but plenty of people add 18 inches more, in case the plants start growing over its structure.

Leave room for growth.

Give your plants plenty of room for growth. If you want a dense landscape as soon as possible, just plant with the intent to remove or relocate them as they mature.